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Hadassah works to improve the quality of life for all the people of Israel and to strengthen Jewish life in the United States. Hadassah is about people, about changing lives, about Tikkun Olam--making the world a better place. Hadassah focused on Health, Education, Youth and the Environment. Hadassah changes lives, one person at a time.
Hadassah supports the Young Judaea programs (3rd grade to college). Young Judaea is unique in its ability to offer a fun, safe, social environment that also includes a distinct focus on education, leadership and social action. Please check their website for summer camps, Israel trips and other programs
Portland Chapter of Hadassah New Governing 2013 Board!!! Tamar Boussi, Beth Kaye, Shoshanna Lansberg, Suzanne Kent - Treasurer
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Sunday, December 15, 2013 10:00 - Noon PCH Office Machon Come join a dynamic group of women on Sunday of the month; to discuss, to schmooze, to laugh, to share, to explore their thoughts relating to topics in this upcoming session of Machon. We will be starting off with Israeli Literature and move into Human values in Jewish Literature."The Nimrod Flip-Out" by Etgar Keret - AnihuThis month's selection is not a novel; it is a collection of short stories. The title of the book, "The Nimrod Flip-Out," is the title of one of the stories. Many of stories seem to be totally disconnected from each other. Some have stated Keret is "the Amos Oz of his generation."The book can be located at Libraries and Amazon.

Presentation highlights are: Regulatory T cells and their suppression program by Dr.

Alexander Rudensky, HHMI and Immunology Program, Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY immunoselection immune selection – – regulation of tumor-associated inflammation, the epithelial cells by cytokines, Giorgio Trinchieri, National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD – Checkpoint blockade in cancer immunotherapy by Dr. James P. Allison, Ludwig Center for Cancer immunotherapy, HHMI and Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center, New York, of Dr. Immunosuppression immune recognition: antigen-specific immunotherapy of cancer, Vincent G. Brichard, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Rixensart, Belgium.. Presentation highlights are: – Regulatory T cells and their suppression program by Dr.

The Cancer Research Institute has one of the lowest expense ratios among non-profit organizations with more than 85 % of its resources going directly to the support of its science, medical, and research programs. CRI meets or exceeds all 20 standards of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, the most comprehensive U.S. Charity evaluation service, and according to Charity Navigator exceeds or meets industry standards and performs as well or better than most cancer charities. Continue reading

Some countries.

Almost simultaneously in cardiovascular mortality in credits on several factorsThe last two to three decades in deaths from in deaths from both coronary heart disease and carotid-based stroke. Some countries, particularly in England, the Netherlands, Finland, New Zealand and Canada have had a similar experience.

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer among men The National Cancer Institute estimates 186,320 new cases and 28,660 deaths from prostate cancer in the U.S. In. 2008 the article is entitled ‘BP1, a homeoprotein significantly clearly in prostate adenocarcinoma and is consistent with prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. ‘This article is also known as ‘advance online publication ‘(Citation: Modern Pathology advance online publication 17 October 2008, doi:. 10.1038/modpathol link to abstract: source Dr. Patricia Berg / GWUMC and Robert Weiner Associates 301-283-0821 or 202-329-1700.

Veith Symposium of Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, sponsoredsource Pauline T.researchers suspect thatvated in 70 percent of Prostate Cancer Cases, Report George Washington University Medical Center scientists.. Continue reading

This program is carried out in collaboration with Zenyth Therapeutics.

Michael Panaccio, Investment Principal, Starfish Starfish Ventures stated by Murigen s high-quality programs to develop proprietary drug discovery platform and the track record and the caliber of Murigen s team was impressed? We are delighted to partner with the team Murigen and Australia? S outstanding medical research institution, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute work? Julian Clark, Head of Business Development, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute We declared in Murigen pleased success in attracting such significant Series A financing? Murigen was an excellent model for the institution, as the translation of the late phase research projects to accelerate development serving serving with strategic partnerships..

About WEHIFor more information about Starfish Ventures can be found at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research is one of the leading medical research institutions? International reputation important contributions to important contributions to immunology, hematology, malaria and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. WEHI actively following the translation of research and for many decades, advances and discoveries in these areas led to significant benefits for patients around the world. WEHI is. At the forefront of the biotechnology revolution with advances in genetics, bioinformatics and structural biology to the development of individualized therapies and more effective drugs.

Researchers collected by the University of Amsterdam and the University of California Los Angeles , nearly 100 articles published from 2004 to 2014 – associated with related to residency training, post-graduate training and treatment of patients. Continue reading

Extension of of the vagina this is done Doctors sexual intercourse.

Extension of of the vagina – this is done Doctors sexual intercourse. Doctors used to recommend this procedure before puberty. Now they tend to wait until after puberty, so decide that the woman if she did. Method called dilation in the vagina gradually widened and deepened with the use of small plastic rods is commonly used. Vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure is also possible.

Boys with PAIS may require androgen supplements certain male characteristics, as to promote the growth of facial hair and deepening of her voice.

A person with CAIS androgen not respond at all, which develop in the male genitalia and reproductive organs otherwise.In about 30 percent of cases of AIS, the mutation of the androgen receptor gene occurs first in the family either when the eggs of the mother is formed, or in the embryonic cells soon after fertilization. Experts are not sure.. Parents need advice and support from psychologists and specialists about their child’s future development and the child ‘s gender identified is most likely receive.

Some children with PAIS may also require hormone supplements to. Continue reading

In this weeks issue of Nature.

Breast cancer is the focus of New Revelations In Epigenetic controlEpigenetic regulation – changes to the structure of chromatin that influence the genes are expressed in a cell – a key player in embryonic development and the development of cancer is. Researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory[ EMBL] in Heidelberg now gained new insight into a crucial epigenetic mechanism and show that it works much faster than expected. In this week’s issue of Nature, they report that estrogen causes rapid epigenetic changes in breast cancer cells. The new findings affect our understanding of how cells interpret their DNA and suggest that epigenetic regulation can affect gene expression immediately and long term.

The money would Medicaid eligibility for 310,000 people, about a quarter of the Arizona Health Care Cost containment System to to maintain the registry as part of its proposal, the large state budget deficit, remove Brewer proposed in January reducing eligibility effective 1 the state budget, 2014, in March authorized the cutoff But lawmakers later. entitled to to eligibility of eligibility by mid – 2014, when funds are available (Davenport.

States are worrying that Medicaid increased federal payments to cover spending during the recession will end soon after the house decided not include an extension of the funds in its latest jobs bill.. Continue reading

Earl second storm over the Atlantic in the past few days will be to move.

We are also finalizing response preparations with local, state and federal agencies along the East Coast should the storm head for the U.S. Mainland. ‘.. Earl second storm over the Atlantic in the past few days will be to move, comes on the heels of Hurricane Danielle. Although Danielle threat has weakened, the storm is still causing winds as high as 75 miles per hour and is a powerful storm in the North Atlantic remain for the next few days. There is a good chance, a third storm forming out of a new low pressure system that would move behind Earl. At St. Thomas Has been predicted this year hurricane season to be very busy and the Red Cross is ready if these predictions will come true,’said Joe Becker, senior vice president, Red Cross Disaster Services. ‘We is on the ground in the U.S.

A long, difficult or Urban Legend?It is far too early to know whether this is a cancer treatment breakthrough or an urban legend or something in between.Another point that came in the Google search, was a 1983 article in the New England Journal of Medicine.It is in fact a long, difficult road, went show that an exciting new idea actually works in treating cancer must be. Continue reading

Healthcare at Home Limited offers private medical care for more than 5.

Healthcare at Home Limited offers private medical care for more than 5,000 patients per year in the UK, including the need to treat acute and chronic diseases.There is currently developing an online training and consulting center, the paper – based system currently replacing some 150 specialist nurses – thanks to IT professionals at the University of Derby.

Roswell Park is. Throughout the world for the development of PDT red laser light red laser light, a photosensitizing drug, which accumulated in tumor cells known trigger by the laser by the laser, the drug kills the cancer cells. RPCI uninterrupted uninterrupted NCI funding for its PDT program since 1992 – a remarkable achievement.

About the University of Derbythe University of Derby is a thriving institution inspired by a commitment to quality and opportunity. It is an innovator in flexible modular study and e-learning solutions tailored programs to meet students’ needs.. Roswell Park awarded $ 10.2 million for groundbreaking studies in photodynamic therapyThe National Cancer Institute has a five-year $ 10,000 grant to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in support his pioneering studies photodynamic therapy excellent . Continue reading

Burden of Cervical CancerWorldwide.

Burden of Cervical CancerWorldwide, more than 500,000 women are cervical cancer cervical cancer and over 280,000 women die of it each year In the United States, after breast cancer, cervical cancer is the. Second leading cause of cancer death in women ages 20 to 39 . Question: It seems like it is always difficult separate separate, have romantic time with my partner, since we had kids And now money is tight, so it’s hard to get a babysitter. Do you have ideas this problem this problem?

To date, CERVARIX around the world around the world, including the 27 member states of the European Union, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. Licensing applications have been in more than 27 other countries, including Japan submitted. GSK also submitted CERVARIX of the World Health Organization . For prequalification in September 2007. Continue reading

As part of its partnership with the Red Cross.

As part of its partnership with the Red Cross, Et n offers consumers a coupon for a 10 percent discount on all Red Cross emergency radio at RadioShack to 30 September 2009 bought? During the same period, N Corporation an additional 10 percent of the purchase price to the Red Cross to the Red Cross purchased for each radio using the coupon at Radio Shack. N does make a contribution of between $ 0.49 and $ 1 to the Red Cross for each radio sold.

The Et n promotion part of the American Red Cross is doing more, than Cross Your Fingers public and cause marketing campaign, which launched in September prepare for people prepare for emergencies?

After six months: – The ACR 20 response was of significantly more patients in both Fostamatinib 100mg bid group and Fostamatinib 150mg QD group than in the placebo group (35 percent achieved. Continue reading

Published this week in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

On manage their blood pressure and blood lipid levels .. The study, published this week in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, was by Austin Baldwin, a post-doctoral research conducted at the Centre for the implementation of innovative strategies in practice at the VA Iowa City Health Care System and an adjunct assistant professor of psychology in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The intuitive assumption is that the more people are involved with their health, 72 and a at managing chronic conditions , we found evidence to the contrary, Baldwin said.

And Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine and an investigator at the VA Iowa City Health Care system CRIISP.. Another possible explanation is that the patient took the role preferences did not match their doctors role preferences. While this study does not assess, the Service provider preferences, previous research suggests that a mismatch between patients and providers role preferences impacts adherence recommendations. .

###co-authors of the paper were Jamie Cvengros, a UI graduate student in psychology and a clinical internship at Rush Medical Center in Chicago;. Continue reading

West Virginia WVFPP on Thursday ordered a three–month supply of generic pill that cost between $ 1.

Nationwide with private clinics, and it is the only supplier of the state of birth control patch (Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report.. West Virginia WVFPP on Thursday ordered a three–month supply of generic pill that cost between $ 1.72 and $ 14.21 for a 30 – day supply. Smith said that she ordered 7,000 Ortho Evra patch, but added that hospitals may not give the order patches, new patients , and that the state no more if the price stays at $ 15. She also said that Ortho is the price reduction for their pills ‘good news overall, but it’s a little late for us, ‘adding that they considered the company’s new price when WVFPP keeps ordering new pills in six weeks .

FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford said last month the agency will be delayed indefinitely, say a decision on the current application (Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report, State legislators and advocates both for and against the law that a federal age restrictions on a form of the EC. Could take precedence over the Massachusetts measure Sally Fogerty – associate Commissioner for the State Department of Public Health, which would be responsible for the implementation of the measure – said: ‘[W] e have by what FDA guidelines for drug delivery. Go ‘Carmelo Cinque once, executive vice president of the Massachusetts pharmacists Association, when FDA approves the application bill bill law, girls were younger than 17 years old are likely to prohibited from buying plan B without a prescription. Continue reading

The Akogrimo project was designed to allocate not only organizations but also individuals.

The Akogrimo project was designed to allocate not only organizations but also individuals, often using mobile devices. The grid provides space for virtual organizations , which are in advance for day-to – day tasks and also very very short, as created in a crisis situation, adjusted.

, And thinking it will happenEuropean researchers have also its attention to improving the lives of 2.5 million people, worldwide, wheelchair bound because of spinal cord injury on.

Recent initiatives come under the Action Plan adopted by the Commission in 2004 to develop the use of ICT in health care. From around 7,000 Member States in place are strategies to accelerate e-health applications (E-Health is also aligned as part of the Lead Market Initiative for Innovation by the Commission in 2008 launched. Continue reading

8 well tolerated http://sildenafilnorge.com/afrodisiakum.html.

CervarixTM in over 40 per yearn in clinical trials and in these trials CervarixTM consistently showed high efficacy in preventing precancerous lesions due to cancer-causing virus types 16 and 181 In findings from these clinical trials has been CervarixTM has been shown that to have a good safety profile and are generally in women6, 8 well tolerated. Data also showed preliminary evidence of additional protection against infection with a cancer-causing virus types other than virus types 16 and 181. http://sildenafilnorge.com/afrodisiakum.html

CervarixTM, the cervical cancer vaccine from GSK has from by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia for the prevention of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions with the most common cancer-causing human papillomavirus types associated. CervarixTM is now approved in Australia for use on old women aged 10 to 45 years. This is the first major market license for CervarixTM, GSK’s cervical cancer vaccine. ‘The approval of CervarixTM in Australia is an important milestone for the extermination of the burden of cervical cancer for all women, especially since this is the first vaccine against cervical cancer, which is explicitly stated anywhere in the world for women over the age of 26 is. This vaccine heralds a major scientific breakthrough in the prevention of cervical cancer and shows GSK ‘s commitment to developing innovative vaccines. ‘s great news for ‘s great news for us and this vaccine is a key growth driver for GSK, ‘said Jean Stephenne, President of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals. Continue reading

Ryerson University is Canadas leader in innovative career focused education.

Ryerson University is Canada’s leader in innovative career – focused education, offering close to 100 PhD, master’s and bachelor ‘s degree programs in Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Communication & Design, the Department of Community Services, the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science, and the Ted Rogers School of Management. Ryerson University has graduate and undergraduate enrollment of 25,000 students. More than 68th 000 applications per year, the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education Canada ‘s leading provider of university adult education.

High frequency ultrasound the cost of care $ 60,000.

When: Monday, April 01 until 2007.30 30 clock Where: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 6th Floor Moynihan Board Room, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20004###The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies was established in 2005 by the Wilson Center and the Pew Charitable Trusts launched is helping to anticipate business, government and the public and manage the possible health and devoted. Continue reading

000 gift was made possible by the inaugural Every Breath You Take Golf Tournament.

That’s why I was forced together together this important event. Increased research funding is absolutely critical to the search for better treatments and I am proud of what we achieved to to those affected by this disease. .. Increasedeives largest private donation in Georgia History To Lung Cancer Research FundToday is the largest donation from a single event to benefit cancer research in Georgia was Emory Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta provided. The $ 130,000 gift was made possible by the inaugural Every Breath You Take Golf Tournament, founded and organized by lung cancer survive Tammy Willett and the Georgia Chapter of Lung Cancer Alliance .

Which is more than combined breast, prostate, colon, kidney, and skin cancer. Also terminate the majority of those who now smoked smoking with lung cancer diagnosed decades ago or never at all. Yet lung cancer research funding and support for the early detection far behind all other major cancers back. This is a historic moment for Georgia lung cancer community, as this type of donation was never anywhere else in the country to receive, said Ed Levitt, LCA – GA chapter director. This sets the stage for future public and private cooperation the the resources necessary to lung cancer with compassion and support to address, as with every other serious diseases is done. Lung We put on the map in Georgia. .. Complete ProgramTo request a brochure or register call Sabrina on+44 207 608 7055th Please enter your valid coupon code MED01.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death nationally and in Georgia, contributes to 30 % of all cancer deaths. Continue reading

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