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Hadassah works to improve the quality of life for all the people of Israel and to strengthen Jewish life in the United States. Hadassah is about people, about changing lives, about Tikkun Olam--making the world a better place. Hadassah focused on Health, Education, Youth and the Environment. Hadassah changes lives, one person at a time.
Hadassah supports the Young Judaea programs (3rd grade to college). Young Judaea is unique in its ability to offer a fun, safe, social environment that also includes a distinct focus on education, leadership and social action. Please check their website for summer camps, Israel trips and other programs
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Interested in volunteering with the Chapter? We have many volunteer opportunities available to help strengthen and expand the Chapter. Meet new women friends, develop professional skills, and help create a legacy for young Jewish women. For more information, call the office at 503-244-6389 or email info@portlandhadassah.org.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013 10:00 - Noon PCH Office Machon Come join a dynamic group of women on Sunday of the month; to discuss, to schmooze, to laugh, to share, to explore their thoughts relating to topics in this upcoming session of Machon. We will be starting off with Israeli Literature and move into Human values in Jewish Literature."The Nimrod Flip-Out" by Etgar Keret - AnihuThis month's selection is not a novel; it is a collection of short stories. The title of the book, "The Nimrod Flip-Out," is the title of one of the stories. Many of stories seem to be totally disconnected from each other. Some have stated Keret is "the Amos Oz of his generation."The book can be located at Libraries and Amazon.

Poitout team examines the G protein-coupled receptor of free fatty acids.

Poitout team examines the G protein-coupled receptor of free fatty acids , a molecule that and regulation of the role in the promotion and regulation of the production of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas to excess to remove glucose from the blood, which would otherwise be on the surface of some tumor cells. Trastuzumab attaches itself to the protein so that epidermal production is reduced in cancer cells, it prevents that the cells divide and grow.

The total expenditure on pharmaceuticals cost of trastuzumab is approximately? 185 per patient basis. On a body weight of 62 kg Plausible estimates of cost of the IHC3 positive subgroup were between? while those for the full licensed population were between? 500 per QALY. Trastuzumab is. At an initial dose of 8 mg / kg body weight, followed by 6 mg / kg body weight, followed 3 weeks later, and then be administered 6 mg / kg repeated at 3 – weekly intervals Providing the treatment is tolerated, until disease progression until disease progression. Continue reading

The organization took the inclusion of non drug compounds in ToxCast than emerging issue of 2009.

Due to the high costs and the long process of conducting chemical tests only a small fraction of the thousands of available chemicals for potential risk to human health have examined EPA is with his. ToxCast screening tool for efficiently understand how chemicals can affect processes in the human body, which could lead to health problems ToxCast currently includes 500 automated chemical screening tests over 300 more than 300 chemicals in the environment.

ThemedsWest Lafayette, IN – A Purdue Research Park startup company is ready to a new drug delivery technology that makes it easier to take for people to medications in pill form marketing.

Researchers develop Akina Inc. Purdue University – licensed technologies that improve the way prescription drugs, over-the – counter medications and even vitamins are administered orally. The latest technology venture, called Frosta includes tablet formulations in a patient’s mouth to melt as fast as 10 seconds, – much faster than existing commercial products, tablet press machines. Continue reading

In recent years.

In recent years, grow, UKThe number of people develop tuberculosis continues to increase despite earlier signs of stabilizing, according to a report published today by the Health Protection Agency.

And keep TB high on the agenda. ‘The key to reducing levels of TB is early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of TB is a preventable and treatable disease, but if left untreated can be life threatening. TB is an infection caused by bacteria and usually affects the lungs, it is spread from person to person, if the person who the TB. Lungs coughs or sneezes did. TB usually affects the lungs but can parts of your body parts of the body. Only some people with TB in the lungs are infectious. To other people and even then in close and prolonged direct and prolonged contact with them at risk of infection any of the following symptoms may suggest TB:.. The number of patients completion of treatment has improved for the first time in recent years, after the report of the agency, with 81 percent of patients now complete their TB treatment, an increase of 2 percent to 79 percent year on year . Continue reading

University of Manitoba.

This research suggests the possibility that early introduction of highly allergenic foods early in life, such as peanuts, could prevent, in fact, the development of allergies.. Joel J. University of Manitoba, and colleagues sought to determine whether early – or low-birth-weight children whose guts are immature and more permeable allowing foods to be absorbed more easily, which have higher risk for allergies, increased one risk of the development of food allergy in comparison with the term or normal-birth-weight children. Examined with the 1995 Manitoba Birth Cohort, researchers 13,980 children ` Of these 592 were children have food allergies. No gestational age or birth weight group had a statistically significant increased risk for food allergy.

.. The researchers showed that longdaysin the same effect of lengthening the biological clock in mouse tissue samples and zebra fish larvae, the luciferase genes , which had performed at their clock genes. – We were encouraged to find, when we added longdaysin to these living zebra fish, we lengthened the biological clock and I see no obvious harmful effects, said Kay. They grow normally while they are exposed to this compound. This showed us that our high-throughput assay does and accurately predicts how the connection to the biological clock of a living fish works. The next thing to do to in a mammal in a mammal, the system. This will. By grants from the by grants from the National Institutes of Health.

The researchers demonstrated the dramatic effects of longdaysin by lengthening the biological clocks of larval zebra fish by more than 10 hours. Continue reading

000 residents Baltimore to help 24-hour system.

The system was created to respond to public health threats like a flu or anthrax attack . According to City Health Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein, the system also allow health officials to monitor and quickly solve prescription drug access problems at the launch of the drug benefit. The initiative aims to 28,000 residents of the town in Medicaid or state pharmacy assistance programs, which includes prescription drugs, Medicare will be transferred under the new benefit enrolled. The rules 24-hour telephone hotline for pharmacists and database to problems follow. After city officials will be notified a problem, they are the recipient non-prescription plan and Medicare the problem the problem. In addition, the city has to pay in addition to $ 50,000 for an emergency prescription as a last resort if other coverage is not available.

These intraindividual randomized trial compared d cost effectiveve prosthetic prescription for each amputee support.

This article in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Volume 43, Number 7, page 857 for information on the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development . Continue reading

About NYU Langone Medical Centerof New York City of New York City.

Today7 years NYU physicians and researchers have contributed to the practice and science of medicine. Today that’s Medical Center consists of NYU School of Medicine, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, the first and largest facility of its kind, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, a leader in musculoskeletal care , and as nationally recognized programs as the NYU Cancer Institute, the NYU Child Study Center, and the NYU Cardiac and Vascular Institute..

The researchers observed that the extent of infarct size significantly associated with time of day onset of infarction. The greatest myocardial injury occurred at 01:00 clock onset of ischemia and 05.00 clock start of reperfusion injury as recorded by the top 82 % higher than at the lowest point of the injury. Continue reading

Affiliated with the University of California.

– ‘This finding suggests a possible link between the neurochemical pathways for addiction and compulsive eating,’says lead investigator Selena Bartlett, Director of Pre-Clinical Development Group at the Gallo Center.. Addiction, Compulsive Eating can be linked by a biochemical pathway Ezlopitant be known request request to suppress by alcohol in humans , has been shown to reduce consumption of sweetened water by rodents in a study by researchers at the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco.

Logsdon and his colleagues plan to continue their research by investigating the function of these genes in Giardia. He says, Now that we found these genes, we know what they are doing, and if they want to do it. Logsdon Group expanded its approach to other species in which the sex was not documented. Logsdon says, This will help us to understand if meiosis is a requirement of all eukaryotes. .

STORY SOURCE: University of Iowa News Services, 300 Plaza Centre One, Suite 301, Iowa City, Iowa 52242-2500.CONTACT: Research: John M. Logsdon, 319-335-1082. Media: Gary Galluzzo, 319-384-0009.. The statement by John M. Logsdon, assistant professor in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Biological Sciences and Roy J. Carver Center for Comparative Genomics and colleagues from the UI and Roanoke College , is the first clear evidence that meiosis is very early in eukaryotic evolution, science. Continue reading

The products available today with ReadyToProcess features include single-use WaveTM technology.

The new line of products will be at the 13th annual IBC Bioprocess International Conference & Exhibition in Boston presented.The products available today with ReadyToProcess features include single-use WaveTM technology , a set of newly developed, to use the filtration and chromatography Soon his tools. ‘The ReadyToProcess platform is an obvious choice for customers who are early-stage project throughput and later-stage biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies to increase flexibility,’said Ann O’Hara, general manager of BioProcess at GE Healthcare Life Sciences. E growth of our ReadyToProcess products help customers minimize the time needed for preparation and changeover activities spent. ‘.

Drug Information Association unveils industry to move SMS for Clinical Trials CommunicationExco InTouch, the leading mobile messaging provider for the pharmaceutical industry, announced today that the DIA 44th Annual Meeting 2008 represented a growing shift away from the traditional patient communication techniques within clinical trials. Direct-to-patient communication using cell phones now arises as an alternative and can offer significant benefits in the areas of recruitment of patients, improving compliance and maximizing patient retention. Continue reading

The results of of the study will a medical conference a medical conference in the near future.

The results of of the study will a medical conference a medical conference in the near future, and will peer-reviewed journal peer-reviewed journal. – Hait explained:.

– comparing the survival rates with the people who Zytiga and prednisone has, compared with the rates of the patients who took it was by the independent Data Monitoring Committee that the trial recommended unblinded after analyzing the evidence placebo. The IDMC added that the patients who took the placebo should now be treated with Zytiga. Continue reading

This will ultimately increase the public confidence in the Complementary Therapy industry generic ed drugs.

Moreover, it is important that the CNHC provides comprehensive and continuing to increase PR and marketing campaign to increase awareness of the CNHC as a regulator in the public generic ed drugs . This will ultimately increase the public confidence in the Complementary Therapy industry. Good character. For the FHT was the proposed fee is too high and would prohibitively expensive in the multidisciplinary therapists. As a result of the CNHC FHT was listened by reducing its fees. This was facilitated by the FHT can fast track registration that the therapists qualifications, insurance, confirmed professional reputation and good character. This now means that members can FHT money by not paying the first CNHC management fee to save, if you register the FHT. The FHT is also host of the early bird discount of? 30 plus? 10 for additional therapy registered to a maximum of? The therapists are available until 30 June 2009.

If a person disabled in the night and stops breathing, oxygen levels drop dramatically and hormones and adrenaline. These hormones contribute to high blood pressure, irregularities of the heart and can cause heart attacks. Continue reading

Holiday Inn Washington and Washington is of the Renaissance.

Helping people with mental illness find jobs Could Save Government $ 368 million per yearto help a national program, the mentally ill to the Social Security disability programs find jobs could promote greater independence while saving the federal government $ 368,000 a year, according to a study by Robert Drake of Dartmouth Medical School and colleagues in the May-June 2009 issue of Health Affairs.

The National Community Pharmacists Association, founded in 1898, represents the nation’s community. Pharmacists, including the owners of more than 23,000 pharmacies, the nation’s independent pharmacies, independent pharmacy franchises and independent chains dispense nearly half of the nation’s retail prescription medicines.

In addition, the survey found 78 % said it was unfair that ‘under the new rule, pharmacies wishing to participate in the Medicaid program, have generics to sell at a loss. ‘the survey also found 78 were less likely to ‘ rule because ‘many community pharmacies not able to service Medicaid patients, including children, continue ‘, especially P. Continue reading

Physicians may assume that older smokers are unlikely to give up their few remaining pleasures.

The Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons find a survey of its members that only 39 % of smokers had been advised by their doctor in the past year to quit smoking. Physicians may assume that older smokers are unlikely to give up their few remaining pleasures. However, the Duke data suggests that further research is understand the unique understand the unique motivations and potential benefits of smoking cessation in the elderly.

Expected results of interventions are guesses. There is still much to do, he concluded. Hanno and Dr. Nordling reviewed name, definition and evaluation of the U.S. And European perspectives, encouraging a very lively discussion with the patient representatives and Asian urologists. An elegant a very elegant presentation by Dr. Homma about HSB . Leakage and confusion about overactive bladder and painful bladder syndrome, and specifically the problem inherent with the International Continence Society definition of urgency . All overactive bladder patients urgently , but most IC patients complain of urgency as well. The two forms of urgency are not the same as the first one is for fear of leaks, and the latter is due to pain or discomfort. Continue reading

Health officials have begun spraying insecticides in the affected parts of the city.

Health officials have begun spraying insecticides in the affected parts of the city. It takes two days mosquitoes all the places where mosquitoes carrying WNV was found, and if the weather stays dry of the job today, Wednesday will be finished, she told the Tribune.

Government. As the leading care, research and advocacy organization for Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s Association is planning in close cooperation with the Administration, the Secretary of Health and Human Services and members of Congress a swift, aggressive implementation of the recently passed National Alzheimer’s Project Act.. Despite the concerns and complications, we believe study was the Alzheimer’s field – to have this product more widespread – the quest for better Alzheimer’s diagnosis, treatments and preventions.

Important note for clarification: While a negative scan with this imaging tool may be able to to exclude help Alzheimer’s as a cause of the memory and behavior changes the person is experiencing, it should not be interpreted to mean that the person is good. Continue reading

Food and Drug Administration Outpatient.

Sagent azithromycin is the generic equivalent of Pfizer’s Zithromax .. In late 2007 began Sagent eight products and currently has more than 70 Abbreviated New Drug Applications filings acquired on file with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Outpatient. Pneumonia due to Chlamydia pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Legionella pneumophila, Moraxella catarrhalis: – caused About azithromycin azithromycin for injection for the treatment of patients with infections caused by susceptible strains of the designated microorganisms in the following conditions, displayed, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pneumoniae in patients gonorrhoeae the first intravenous therapy and pelvic inflammatory disease due to Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria or Mycoplasma hominis in patients for injection.

The most common side effects are gastrointestinal, including diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Severe allergic reactions, nervousness, dermatologic reactions, and fatalities have been reported but are extremely rare.

Strides has manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, India and overseas facilities in Milan, Warsaw, Singapore and Lagos. The Indian manufacturing facilities are approved by all major regulatory bodies. Continue reading

Canadas federal.

Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments created CIHI as a not-for-profit, independent organization that information to a common approach to a common approach to Canadian health authorities. CIHI objective: to timely, accurate and comparable information. CIHI data and reports inform health policies, support the effective delivery of health services and raise awareness among Canadians of the factors that health health.. About CIHIThe Canadian Institute for Health Information collects and analyzes information on health and health care in Canada and makes it publicly available.

These newer machines are using the latest technology detailed detailed scans. .. After editing, the health response is not part of the current approaches to tackling climate change. It is on a case study in Ethiopia where people practices.At in sustainable land management which limits the availability of family planning has trained increased. The program resulted in an immediate improvement of the environment with better agricultural practices. This result will long term long term and a rapidly growing population a rapidly growing population. Go go With less than three months, the UN conference in Copenhagen on climate change an opportunity draw attention to the centrality of women to draw offers sexual and reproductive health and rights , the global community: The editorial concludes, – architectural challenge. Continue reading

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