000 children in Kenya and coordinated with Somalia and Ethiopia click to follow.

Emergency, sub-national waste of vaccinations with monovalent type 1 oral poliovirus vaccine planned for northeastern Kenya for 3 November, covering 250,000 children in Kenya and coordinated with Somalia and Ethiopia. The next round in December may be expanded be expanded to include Nairobi and other high-risk areas. click to follow

Genetic sequencing indicates a virus of Nigerian origin, Kismayo, Somalia imported, but it is not possible to determine how long the virus in circulation in Kenya. A joint national / international Rapid Response Team is conducting a detailed clinical and epidemiological investigation.

MD Anderson will trying to recruit more than 4,000 Hispanic beneficiary, after a year , the researchers be able for only 59 only 59 folks. The recruiting team invited said only around one within 10 Hispanics agreed to join.