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The system was created to respond to public health threats like a flu or anthrax attack . According to City Health Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein, the system also allow health officials to monitor and quickly solve prescription drug access problems at the launch of the drug benefit. The initiative aims to 28,000 residents of the town in Medicaid or state pharmacy assistance programs, which includes prescription drugs, Medicare will be transferred under the new benefit enrolled. The rules 24-hour telephone hotline for pharmacists and database to problems follow. After city officials will be notified a problem, they are the recipient non-prescription plan and Medicare the problem the problem. In addition, the city has to pay in addition to $ 50,000 for an emergency prescription as a last resort if other coverage is not available.

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This article in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Volume 43, Number 7, page 857 for information on the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development .The implications for improving the health of children could be enormous. Is diarrhea a major killer in the developing countries. World Health Organization statistics indicate that more than 2 millions of people die each year from of diarrhea, most of them children under five years.

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