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Alcohol intake is important in at least 54 different conditions associated with death,’ said Stahre, an epidemiologist at the Washington state Department of Wellness who conducted the study while at the U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Among them: severe pancreatitis, psychosis, esophageal malignancy, breast cancer, oral cancer, falling injuries, suicide and drowning. ‘Binge drinking is associated with 51 % of all deaths due to extreme drinking,’ Stahre said. Binge drinking, for example, ‘does not mix well with boating or swimming,’ she said. For females, binge drinking is thought as four or more beverages in a sitting typically, Stahre said, while for males it’s five or more.Use the right ladder for the job. Use a step stool or utility ladder when functioning at low or medium heights, such as washing windows inside the home. The AAOS recommends using an extension ladder when employed in high locations, such as for example cleaning the gutters. When working on a ladder, don’t wear leather-soled shoes because they’re slippery. Be certain the soles of your shoes or boots are free from debris or greasy, wet or oily substances. Wear trousers with legs that aren’t too wide or long, the AAOS said. Don’t use ladders in rainfall, wind, snow, ice or other conditions that increase the risk of falling and slipping.