10 Means of Reducing the Risk of Cancer While much is said and discussed cancer treatments.

While research into the impact of these types of artificial-tanning devices continues, most agree that there is a direct correlation with cancer. 8. AVOID CARGINOGENIC CHEMICALS This one ought to be straightforward enough. If you’re exposed to carcinogenic – cancer-causing – chemical substances and materials, you increase your chances of developing the condition. Of course, in the workplace it could not be possible in order to avoid such material. In this case it’s important that you protect yourself with the correct clothing and handling techniques. 9. FOCUS ON STRESS Modern scientific studies show links between cancer and stress.Although no trike deaths were reported through the study period, the researchers said two dozen children died from tricycle injuries between 2005 and 2012. The deaths were because of falling or drowning. For the study, published online Sept. 14 in Pediatrics, the researchers analyzed data on tricycle accidents from 98 ERs in the usa for 2012-2013. Among the other findings: Damage to organs, usually the head, was the most frequent injury among 3 – and 5-year-olds. After fractured elbows, the most fractured bones were in the arms and wrists commonly. About 2.4 % of all children with trike injuries were admitted to the medical center. In cases where the accident location was known, most injuries occurred at home.