A false world.

A false world. As professor Santiago explains, ‘a left-hander has often feel more than 10 percentlse world of scissors computer keyboards designs, everything is projected for right The fact that left-handers in a position very well to these manual controls that are against their nature, indicates a first interesting fact that it is often overlooked: undoubtedly there is a difference in motor ability between the dominant and non-dominant hand, but it’s far from being a great difference. ‘.

These are the conclusions of various studies from Professor Julio Santiago de Torres derived from derived from the Department of Experimental Psychology and Behavioural Physiology at the University of Granada, which has conducted a bibliographic review on the subject, published in Ciencia Cognitiva: Revista Electr? nica de Divulgacion.

In fact, the researcher points out, ‘speed and accuracy differences between the right and the left hand, are usually found, not more than 10 percent go Moreover, the left hand to a high level of conversion to be trained can. As in the case of musicians or typists Unlike the intense use of his right hand an average an average right-handed in more than 90 percent of the tasks. Continue reading

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Gotzsche, director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, that thousands of experts have speculated on this problem and tried all sorts of interventions for many years, but have not yet found the right answer tadacip 20 mg wikipedia .

Fales said the idea was to Feb. 14 to 18 theme of the annual meeting and confirm reflected that questions about renewable energy issues in many other concerns of society. Continue reading