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###Author:. Adam T. Woolley, Brigham Young University ,title: ‘DNA shadow nanolithography ‘Small 2007, 1534-1538, doi: 10 best for male power .1002 / smll.200700240About Small: no small thing to the computer science: micro-and nano. Nano-and microscale is currently receiving enormous wordwide interest. Published by Wiley-VCH, provides little the very best forum for experimental and theoretical investigations of the basic and applied interdisciplinary research in these dimensions. Read an attractive mix of peer-reviewed Communications, reviews, concepts, highlights, essays and full papers.

The DNA molecules template for nanolithographyDNA is one of the most popular building blocks of nanotechnology and is commonly used to construct ordered nanoscale structures with controlled architectures. For the most part will be based on DNA considered promising component for production of microelectronic circuits from the bottom upwards. Now a team of researchers at propose propose the marriage of DNA self-assembly with standard microfabrication and lithography tools features such as features such as nanochannels, nanowires, and nanoscale trenches. This discovery could open new avenues non for nanofabrication at dimensions available conventional optical lithography. Continue reading