Aduro raises $19.

Morningside is pleased to join Aduro’s current traders in support of the company as it advances its lead compound into Phase 2 scientific trials, stated Ms. O’Brien. Aduro is developing a new-generation platform technology within the quickly evolving field of tumor immunotherapy. As the lead program is pancreatic cancers, the platform includes a wide range of potential applications. .. Aduro raises $19.25 million through Series B equity financing Aduro BioTech, a clinical-stage immunotherapy firm, announced today that it has completed its Series B equity financing from a combination of current investors and Morningside Ventures, getting the full total capital secured in this circular to $19.25 million. Continue reading

Arthritis rheumatoid is an agonizing and possibly disabling autoimmune disease.

J. Huizinga. Although the validation cohort is relatively small and the current prediction rule should be evaluated in various other early-arthritis cohorts, we believe that the existing model allows physicians and patients to create an evidence-based choice regarding whether to initiate DMARDs, in the majority of individuals presenting with UA. .. A prediction guideline for disease outcome in patients with recent-onset undifferentiated arthritis Marked by chronic irritation of the tissue and joints, arthritis rheumatoid is an agonizing and possibly disabling autoimmune disease. An abundance of analysis supports early aggressive treatment with disease-modifying antirheumatic medications as the very best program for preventing joint damage and preventing the fate of a wheelchair. Continue reading