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Mott Children's Medical center National Poll on Children's Health. But this season's top 10 10 lists differ in key ways. School violence and gun-related injuries are on the list of big child health problems from a nationwide perspective, but not a local community perspective. Related StoriesAustralian experts define key features of metabolically healthy obeseNovel culturally-informed treatment benefits caregivers of individuals with schizophreniaJohns Hopkins researchers present new healthcare ideas from American Cardiovascular Association MeetingRecent shootings and additional cases of violence in academic institutions may possess prompted concern among adults from a national perspective, says Davis, who also is professor of pediatrics, internal medicine, public policy and health administration and policy at the U-M Medical College, Gerald R. Continue reading

Chester Ridgway.

Paul W. Ladenson, M.D ., Jens D. Kristensen, M.D., Ph.D., E. Chester Ridgway, M.D., Anders G. Olsson, M.D., Ph.D., Bo Carlsson, M.Sc., Irwin Klein, M.D., John D. Baxter, M.D., and Bo Angelin, M.D., Ph.D.: Use of the Thyroid Hormone Analogue Eprotirome in Statin-Treated Dyslipidemia The association between elevated levels of circulating low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and an elevated risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is well established,1 as are the reductions in both degrees of serum cholesterol and the chance of coronary disease that occur by using inhibitors of hepatic 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl coenzyme A reductase.1 However, the efficacy of statins is bound if stringent goals for serum LDL cholesterol levels aren’t achieved2 in individuals receiving statins alone3 or if unwanted effects develop that want a dose reduction or discontinuation of the agent.4 Furthermore, statins are less effective in lowering levels of other lipoproteins, such as for example triglycerides5 and Lp lipoprotein,6 which are associated with the risk of atherosclerotic vascular disease.9 Consequently, extra agents that focus on the metabolism of lipoproteins to boost outcomes in patients with coronary disease would be beneficial. Continue reading