Harnessing the mixed power greater than 40.

40,000 computers used to tackle bird flu browsing for new anti-viral drug discoveries Last month a collaboration of Asian and European researchers launched a new attack against the deadly bird flu virus, harnessing the mixed power greater than 40,000 computers across 45 countries to boost the pace of anti-viral drug discovery cialisgenerique.org . Known as Enabling Grids for E-sciencE, the processing grid connects normal PCs to form a super-sized supercomputer that’s being used in this problem to analyse the potential greater than 500,000 drug-like molecules over the next few weeks. Continue reading

The research project will need five years.

‘We will measure the markers in a dynamic way analyzing their variants in time among all the values available for each individual – says Massimo Gion, scientific director of Fondazione ABO. Desire to is registering the future variations and understanding the way the acceleration within their production is associated with cancer or to a normal physiological procedure. If we get the results we hope we may also have a model for exploring new diagnostic strategies for other cancers’.. AVIS donates wellness research project focuses on cancer biomarkers The greatest research project on cancer biomarkers is to start in the next months. The new scientific study will open brand-new frontiers in neuro-scientific prevention of two most relevant tumor: prostate cancers and ovarian malignancy. Continue reading

Constant Social Media Presence May Jeopardize Teens Mental Health: FRIDAY.

In the end, it’s a fairly complicated situation. .. Constant Social Media Presence May Jeopardize Teens’ Mental Health: – FRIDAY, Sept. 11, 2015 – – Teens who feel a round-the-time clock compulsion to participate on public media sites like Facebook or Twitter may pay a cost in lost sleep. They may also face an increased risk for melancholy and anxiety, new research suggests. British researchers surveyed nearly 470 teens to explore how 24/7 public media participation might affect their emotional health. Adolescence can be a amount of increased vulnerability for the onset of depression and panic, and poor sleep quality may contribute to this, said study co-writer Heather Cleland Woods, a psychology administration teacher at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Continue reading