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‘The simplicity and accuracy of the ActiViews system in guiding complicated, deep and dual angled needle approaches has been type in our adoption and repetitive use inside our minimally invasive interventional oncology procedures at McGill. Further, through the elimination of most of the learning from your errors cycles involved with free hand guidance, the system shows in a few of our additional preliminary comparative research to shorten procedure time and reduce individual radiation exposure through the procedure,’ stated Dr. Tatiana Cabrera, Assistant Professor, Radiology, McGill University Wellness Center.. ActiViews CT-Guide Needle Assistance Program for liver interventions receives FDA 510 clearance ActiViews, Inc, a ongoing company pioneering the advancement of simple, accurate, and cost-effective surgical navigation solutions, today that it all has received U announced.S.All these articles had been retracted in March 2015. The type of peer-review fraud committed by Moon, Chen, and third-party agencies could work when journals encourage or allow authors to suggest reviewers for their own submissions. Despite the fact that many editors dislike this practice, it is frequently used, for a true number of reasons. One is that in specific fields, authors could be best qualified to recommend suitable reviewers for the topic and manuscript in question. Another can be that it makes life less difficult for editors: finding suitable peer reviewers who are willing to review regularly can be both hard and frustrating.