About multiple sclerosis and the MS Society of CanadaMultiple sclerosis is a chronic.

About multiple sclerosis and the MS Society of CanadaMultiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord. It is the most common neurological disease of young adults in Canada. Most people with MS between the ages of 15-40, and the unpredictable effects of MS last for the rest of their lives diagnosed. The MS Society of Canada provides services for people with MS and their families and funds research to find the cause and cure. The MS Society is the highest per capita funder of MS research in the world.

From a dance hall party in Ontario to a ocean dinner in Vancouver, these diverse and unforgettable meeting will have an effect.

Donations for MS Research One Party At A Time, Canada – There will be a party with a purpose, and people across the country busy planning gatherings and dreaming party themes in preparation for the MS Global Dinner Party on Saturday, February. They are joined by others around the world are hosting parties to support research to end multiple sclerosis.Notes:. As subsidies from the by grants from the National Institute of Health and of the ringing Family Foundation co-authors include David Y Loane, analogous Pocivavsek, Charbel EH Moussa, Rachel Thompson and Yasuji Matsuoka, by Alan I. Threads and E William Rebeck. The scientists report not potential monetary conflicts. The scientists report no potential financial disputes. The world-renowned Georgetown University Medical Centre.

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