According to a written report released today by the Joint US Programme on HIV/Helps.

Faithfulness offers little security to wives whose husbands have several companions or were contaminated before marriage. And condoms require the cooperation of males. The social and financial empowerment of women is key. Confronting the Crisis offers several stories of women from around the world who have undertaken innovative actions to face the epidemic. These must be grounded in the encounters and knowledge of ladies living and employed in communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Women are not victims just, they are brokers of change. To end this triple risk of HIV/AIDS, gender poverty and inequality, women must have the proper to economic gain access to and independence to land, property and employment, and a full life free of stigma, discrimination and violence.The needles are applied to these points, says one explanation. There are 12 primary meridians and eight extra meridians. Because you might be having stomach problems doesn’t mean that is where the needles go. For example, some of the common meridians include: The Large Intestine: Meridian is located on the trunk of the hand in the middle of your index finger and thumb. Lung area: Located above the wrist within the arm. Belly: Located below the knee on leading of the leg.

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