Aduro raises $19.

Morningside is pleased to join Aduro’s current traders in support of the company as it advances its lead compound into Phase 2 scientific trials, stated Ms. O’Brien. Aduro is developing a new-generation platform technology within the quickly evolving field of tumor immunotherapy. As the lead program is pancreatic cancers, the platform includes a wide range of potential applications. .. Aduro raises $19.25 million through Series B equity financing Aduro BioTech, a clinical-stage immunotherapy firm, announced today that it has completed its Series B equity financing from a combination of current investors and Morningside Ventures, getting the full total capital secured in this circular to $19.25 million.There was a 12 percent rate of baseline level of resistance to nevirapine detected in this cohort, perhaps reflecting a combined mix of the relative insensitivity of human population sequencing and a reversion to wild-type virus in kids who were older than six months old. Planned analyses by using an ultrasensitive level of resistance assay can help to define threshold amounts for resistance mutations connected with treatment failure. Many samples from children who had virologic failure with nevirapine showed either new nevirapine-level of resistance mutations or an evolution in resistance over time. An unexpected, but non-significant, set of results was the better performance of nevirapine with respect to changes in the %age of CD4+ lymphocytes and z scores for weight and elevation.