Also to offer requirements that are realistic goals for each and every practitioner.

Picard. It is our hope that following such specifications will lead to continued quality improvement, company and patient satisfaction and improved individual outcomes. .. ASE releases set of recommendations for quality echocardiography laboratory operations The American Culture of Echocardiography released a set of recommendations and measurable standards for quality in the echocardiography laboratory today. The tips for quality echocardiography laboratory functions will be published in the January problem of the Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography . The objective of the survey is to provide a framework for echocardiographic quality assessment and improvement, also to offer requirements that are realistic goals for each and every practitioner, said Michael H. Picard, MD, FASE, the lead author of the document, a previous president of the ASE and the Director of Echocardiography at the Massachusetts General Medical center.A standardized surgical approach, modeled on the Polin technique,17 was utilized. This approach included a large bifrontotemporoparietal craniectomy with bilateral dural starting to maximize the reduction in intracranial pressure13,14 . The sagittal sinus and falx cerebri were not divided. After all swelling and contamination had resolved, 2 to 3 3 months after craniectomy, the bone was replaced. Standard care from enough time of enrollment followed medical practice guidelines13 which were based on those recommended by the mind Trauma Basis.