And Pakistan according to the Advisory Committee on Polio Eradication.

The ACPE suggested the four polio-endemic countries to set realistic target dates for stopping transmission, noting that improvements in achieving all small children in these areas have been only incremental, and that these countries will take a lot more than 12 months to get rid of polio.. Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Nigeria important to eradicating polio The world’s success in eradicating polio now depends on four countries – Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan – according to the Advisory Committee on Polio Eradication , the independent oversight body of the eradication effort. With a targeted vaccine and faster means of monitoring the virus, most countries that recently suffered outbreaks are again polio-free.Study Patients and Randomization Patients less than 60 years of age with a patent foramen ovale documented on transesophageal echocardiography no other identifiable reason behind stroke or peripheral thromboembolism were qualified to receive the study if indeed they presented with clinically and neuroradiologically verified ischemic stroke, a TIA with a verified cerebral ischemic lesion neuroradiologically, or a and radiologically verified extracranial peripheral thromboembolic event clinically. Individuals underwent central randomization by means of a Web-based program either to endure percutaneous, catheter-based closure of the patent foramen ovale by using the Amplatzer PFO Occluder or to receive medical therapy .