As part of its partnership with the Red Cross.

As part of its partnership with the Red Cross, Et n offers consumers a coupon for a 10 percent discount on all Red Cross emergency radio at RadioShack to 30 September 2009 bought? During the same period, N Corporation an additional 10 percent of the purchase price to the Red Cross to the Red Cross purchased for each radio using the coupon at Radio Shack. N does make a contribution of between $ 0.49 and $ 1 to the Red Cross for each radio sold.

The Et n promotion part of the American Red Cross is doing more, than Cross Your Fingers public and cause marketing campaign, which launched in September prepare for people prepare for emergencies?

After six months: – The ACR 20 response was of significantly more patients in both Fostamatinib 100mg bid group and Fostamatinib 150mg QD group than in the placebo group (35 percent achieved.Agile Therapeutics, a late-stage pharmaceutical company specializing in the health of women , today announced that after a successful end-of – stage 2 meet with Food and Drug Administration is drive the business forward to its Phase 3 program an NDA an NDA submitting and approval from AG200-15 by SKINFUSION technologies. AG200 crimping heads-15 is an innovative, low-dose contraceptive patch that women provides an easy once-weekly kind of birth control. AG200-15 is satisfy a large unmet need for a more comfortable an alternative to the contraceptive agent pellet.

– Thomas Rossi , President and Chief Executive Officer of Agile Therapeutics, said: ‘We are very pleased about the results of end-of – Phase 2 meeting with the FDA excited we Buy now have clear development pathway on AG200 crimping heads regulatory approval 15 for marketing approval. Agile low-dose contraceptive patch are expected to substantial requirements in the $ 6 billion globally fill up hormonal contraceptive Marketplace which became way for AG200-15 one of the leading birth control product.