As reported by Zero Hedge.

212,000 Greeks appeal for humanitarian crisis relief as collapsing economy leads to bank bail-ins Hundreds of thousands of Greek citizens are appealing for humanitarian the help of the international community as the country’s financial condition plunges further into the abyss . As reported by Zero Hedge, citing statistics compiled by Keep Speaking Greece, in sum around 212,000 Greeks have applied for a genuine number of aid applications, based on the Greek government’s Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Social Welfare: – – requests relating to food subsidy 84,442 – – rent allowance 2,610 – – free from electricity reconnection & free electric power source 1,569 – – 42,893 people requested a combination of the three Plan measures – – 59,918 people requested a combined mix of food and electricity help – – 20,529 people requested a combination of rent allowance and food – – 936 requested free electricity and rent allowance As noticed, a huge number of Greeks would like food assistance, but other styles of financial help linked to living expenses are also increasing.

Most people can resume their normal daily routine within a couple of weeks, he added. As for risk, the scholarly research team described the existing complication rate as ‘very low,’ with serious complications occurring among less than one in every 1,000 patients. For the scholarly study, the investigators tracked more than 4,500 liposuction patients. None of the patients died following extra fat extraction, and the full total complication price was significantly less than 1.5 %. Most of the complications weren’t considered severe, the researchers said. However, the researchers found that the complication risk rose mainly because the amount of body fat removed elevated. They observed that while fats extraction averaged about 4.5 pounds per affected person, those who got over 11 pounds of fat removed had a higher-than-average complication rate of 3.7 %.