Ban advertising of cannabis.

Ban advertising of cannabis, says Charity On Tobacco AnniversaryBan the advertising of all tobacco related products – also used for smoking cannabis – mental health charity Rethink says on the fifth anniversary of the end of tobacco advertising.The ban on tobacco advertising is accepted, played an important role in the reduction of smoking rates in the UK. In 2002, the year before the ban took effect, 26 percent of adults. Smokers compared to 22 percent in 2006.

The board in October in Las Vegas discussed a proposal allows pharmacists to arrange in the state to fill a prescription because it is a ‘real principle or the principle of conscience,’which some proponents say could, access to birth control and HIV / boundary violation AIDS related drugs. Law law and pharmacy board regulations do not address so-called ‘conscience clause ‘regulations for pharmacists. Under the proposal, pharmacists would refuse to arrange to fill prescriptions have been necessary, they have been filled by another pharmacist ‘without delay’and would allowed allowed to discuss their objections with the patient. :a pharmacy not disciplined pharmacist for refusing to fill a prescription they reported they reported their objections to their employers in advance appealed to the board, so so the legislature to address the problem ‘This was a very controversial issue in the last two meetings and will continue to be,’she said, adding: ‘I think it would be inappropriate for this board is a regulation on this to happen.Healthy eating. Of Canadian said Posting calories and nutrients in menus can assist Canadians more healthy Food Choices.

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Has posting caloric to restaurant Open Menu boards will help Canadian better nutrition patterns and may be avoid adiposity? Dietitians of Canada says yes – Restaurants provision of nutrition information including of calories and nutrient content of foods served in is a step which a tool to promote healthier choices.