Based on the new Swiss research.

Girls use the Internet for socialization while males use it for video games, he said. Overall, whether on the web of offline, females are even more socializing than males. The analysis also found that girls with chronic conditions accessed health-related Web sites more regularly than their peers do. Given the reputation of on-line medical sites, it stands to reason that those with chronic illnesses would convert to the net for info, but one should be careful to choose reliable sources when doing so, said Jeanie Alter, program supervisor of the Indiana Avoidance Resource Middle at Indiana University. Social media sites also can offer an wall plug for socializing that may not be feasible when coping with a chronic illness. .. Adolescents with chronic health conditions rely more on Internet The Internet has turned into a popular socializing tool for adolescents and a new study shows those with chronic health issues might rely on it more heavily than their peers do.He claims that many alcoholics are addicted to these foods and make their allergies worse with extreme drinking. Nutrient malabsorption According to nutritionist Inez d’Arcy-Francis, Ph.D., dependence on food, drugs, or alcohol beings because of the malabsorption of nutrition. The first aspect is trauma to the body that is caused by undigested food particles. The undigested food particles become toxins after they pass through the intestinal wall structure to get into the bloodstream and as a result could cause many problems in your body. The liver becomes overwhelmed, the immune system becomes overactive, and chronic allergies are set in motion. Furthermore, this causes blood sugar levels to drop and creates food cravings. The second stage is called adaptation, which happens when your body craves food it can’t digest.