Black Women Less to Survive Uterine Cancer Likely.

19, 2015 – – Uterine tumor rates are rising in the usa, among black and Asian women particularly, according to a fresh research that also found black women are more likely to die of the condition. Researchers analyzed a lot more than 120,000 cases of uterine cancers diagnosed in the United States between 2000 and 2011, and discovered that prices rose among all ethnic and racial groups. But rates fastest improved, at 2.5 % a year, among black and Asian women.Key topics: Find out how effective mass media relations can contribute to rebuild open public trust Discuss how exactly to increase business efficiency through various communication channels Discover how to talk to stakeholders when facing crisis and make the crisis do the job Learn guidelines for aligning employees with business strategies Clarify the perfect way of cooperating with the media and turn your employees into brand ambassadors Who should go to: Vice-Presidents, Directors, Deputy Heads and Directors of Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, Corporate Affairs, Public Relations, Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Project Leaders, General Managers, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Business Advancement, Marketing Request Brochure: For further information, please visit: About Jacob Fleming Jacob Fleming is among the world’s leading business cleverness companies producing business-to-business conferences which consists of current research, market developments, technological developments and applications.