But no one seemed to know why.

The holistic path And yet, Diane Meyer continued to suffer. One day, her brother – – who’s also a dental practitioner – – suggested that she go to a seminar whose audio speakers were set to suggest that mercury-laced fillings were indeed causing health issues for most. I discovered that my symptoms might have been via my occupational contact with mercury as well as the silver-mercury fillings in my mouth, she says. Meyer said she started researching the presssing issue herself, but noted that, at the time – – the late 1990s – – there still wasn’t very much information out there regarding the leaching of mercury from fillings and the dangerous side effects that it might cause.You’ll want to find out more about preventing depression among people with autism spectrum. Furthermore, the thesis contains some results of a major study that compared people who have Asperger syndrome with those with schizophrenia. The results present that characteristics can be similar: individuals with schizophrenia and people with Asperger syndrome both demonstrated high levels of autistic traits according to a self-report questionnaire. Moreover, the ability to interpret social interactions appears to be as impaired in schizophrenia as in Asperger syndrome just. Simlilarity between Asperger and schizophrenia In contrast, none of the 54 people with Asperger syndrome included in the scholarly study, had a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and two had had any form of psychotic disorder just.

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