By Stu Hutson In the US.

As neighbors cheered on the pavement, Umnuayporn smiled, waved, and flashed a ‘V’ for success as she was lowered from the apartment by an elevator built outside. A forklift then transferred her to an ambulance that had taken her to a Bangkok hospital. ‘It’s very likely that she is the heaviest person in the united states,’ stated Pijaya Nagavachara, director of the BMA General Medical center. Her treatment calls for eliminating the tumor and reducing her weight, which doctors suspect could be due to thyroid problems, Pijaya said.Taken up to its logical summary, the AMA’s real position in all this is that GMOs are no big deal, and secretly feeding them to Americans is validated scientifically. Oh, and GMOs ought to be tested, despite the fact that they hardly ever will – – the AMA is merely paying lip provider to those legitimately concerned about the safety of GMOs, because it knows the FDA will never actually carry out these assessments. In reality, the AMA is simply playing rhetorical gymnastics so that they can please everyone, and also negate any responsibility for the unavoidable firestorm that is building in response to growing recognition about GMOs in the food supply. At least 90 % of the country is and only GMO labeling ( and finally the People will prevail in spite of the spineless non-position adopted by the AMA.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai meets WHO chief on polio eradication Days after Afghanistan vaccinated a lot more than 7 million kids against polio, the world’s top wellness official and Afghan President Hamid Karzai pledged to capitalize swiftly on the country’s remarkable improvement towards eradicating the condition.