Cancer that has spread from the primary site to lymph nodes and beyond.

Cancer cells more susceptible to the effects of the radiation No chemotherapy was given. Samples of tumor tissue were analyzed HPV status HPV status. – ‘Although HPV status is known explained Dr. Be an independent prognostic factor in tumor control and survival in radiotherapy in head and neck cancer may be, it is still not clear what has been the best treatment for this patient data from randomized trials DAHANCA. Look the opportunity to look at a with with known HPV and smoking, radiation therapy ‘chemotherapy chemotherapy, said Dr.. Dr Lassen and her colleagues studied the results of 181 patients in the Danish Head and Neck Cancer Group database between between 1992 to 2005 for advanced oropharyngeal cancer, cancer that has spread from the primary site to lymph nodes and beyond.

Radiotherapy alone better for HPV – positive throat cancer patients than HPV-negative patientsNew findings from a large Danish database of cancer patients indicate, though the human papilloma virus may throat cancer patients who are HPV positive implications and light smokers or did not smoke, have a good response to treatment with radiotherapy alone. Without addition of chemotherapy with its consistent toxic side effects.

Oropharyngeal cancer is uncommon. About 400,000 peoplenal Agency on Cancer shows that lip and oral / pharyngeal cancer affects approximately 400,000 people worldwide each year[2].Funding win commercialize funds.

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