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Cardium InnerCool Therapies subsidiary is a San Diego-based medical technology company in the emerging field of temperature modulation therapy rapidly and controllably cool the body in order to reduce cell death and damage caused by acute ischemic events such as heart attack or stroke, and potentially to lessen or prevent associated injuries such as adverse neurological outcomes. For more information about InnerCool subsidiary of Cardium and therapeutic hypothermia, including InnerCool the Celsius Control System , the regulatory approval received, in the U.S., Europe and Australia, please visit.

We are hopeful that GDC-0449 maybe one day an extra option to of the existing default of care for patients in metastatic colorectal cancer, said Curis President and CEO of Dan Passeri. In addition, Genentech previously announced that they are two another Phase II studies of GDC-0449 in the latter part of 2008 to begin, including the studies in advanced basal cell, was progression-freereactions reactions watched into ongoing phase I trial plans and epithelial advanced solid tumors to a secret origin. We are happy to another updates any of these programs in the future. .

Curis, Inc. , a development of drugs company focused on developing next generation proprietary targeted drugs for cancer concentrates, announced today that his assistant Genentech has any clinical period II study of GDC-0449, an oral small molecule Hedgehog antagonists initiated in metastatic colorectal cancer. As a result, Genentech cooperation contract be a $ 3,000 cash at Curis under enterprises June 2003.