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‘T-62, a new chemical entity, is an adenosine A1 allosteric enhancer that increases the effectiveness of the endogenous adenosine to treat neuropathic pain, the successful development of this product would be at a significant unmet medical need for more effective drugs this this serious disease. ‘.. King Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase II Clinical Study T-62 for the treatment of neuropathic painKing Pharmaceuticals announced today that the phase is initiated II clinical trial program to evaluate the efficacy and safety of T-62 oral tablet formulation of the investigational drug company to treat neuropathic pain.

– The time between abnormal mammography and biopsy is extremely stressful for the patient, regardless of the final diagnosis, said Judy Herstine, administrator of Women Cancer Services Magee. But as a result this new service are women whose mammograms suspicious get get full diagnosis on the same day ready, including a breast biopsy. .. Every year, HAP honors innovation, creativity and commitment to patient care of Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems through the HAP Achievement Awards, in 2008. Present and member hospital and system innovations and best practices in a variety of fields. Sixteen 100 entries 100 entries in 2008. Magee will award at a meeting of the Hospital Board of Directors on 14 awarded awarded.

Nationwide,mens Hospital Of UPMC receives Achievement Award From Hospital Association Of PennsylvaniaMagee – Womens Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has been honored with an award for excellent operational performance of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania .The study showed that in type 2 diabetes patients, that depressiveness the a high risk of dying from 20 or 30 % as compared to patients with similar depression, however not Type of – 2 diabetes. – ‘We have showing a tendency that the probability of death raised as the the plane of depression the diabetic patient found in elevated with coronary disease,’said Duke researcher Anastasia Georgiades, to presented the findings to the Duke analysis on Friday, March 2007, at its annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, in Budapest National Heart, an important interaction between type 2 diabetes and depression, meaning that Clinicians should observe closely their heart patients who these conditions.

###Other Duke researchers that included part in the study James Blumenthal, Charles McCants, Jonathan Davidson, Michael Babyak, Corrie Bauer, Michael Sketchbook, Richard Surwit and senior member of the team Lana Watkins. Contact:.