Commissioning is patchy.

Commissioning is patchy, rarely a coordinated falls and fracture strategy: – Important public health information on fractures insufficient or not sorted – report only 39 percent of commissioning trusts is compliant with the NICE technology assessment for the secondary prevention of osteoporotic fractures. This figure is in contrast to the results of the 2007/8 Healthcare Commission annual health check on NHS Trusts, where the great majority of PCOs in England reflected in conformity, as in Core Standard 5a himself reported. This public insurance on fracture prevention services turns out to be misleading, since only 24 percent PCOs local bone health prescribing have been tested and only 9 know their local fracture rates..

Robin Burgess, Chief Executive of HQIP, said: This test is really underlines the need to deficits in the aftercare of patients who have fallen and broken bones offered address A fall can have serious consequences for both the physical and have mental. Well-being of older persons and the access to the right care and both both rehabilitation and prevent recurring cases. As with many HQIP national clinical trials, implementation of practice changes identified means that patients can continue to lead active and fulfilling life after a fall order. .

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