He began to feel they were plotting against him and he could not cast her out of my head.

Joshua is a certified peer specialist with NAMI and runs a support group for people with schizophrenia in a local county jail. Although he once saw s – By sharing the powerful stories of Rebecca, and Joshua, we can work the fear and the fear and stigma, as with with so many other issues over the years, said Dr. depth inside we are all people with different struggles and I learn the fear and stigma with schizophrenia by exploring the lives of three people with schizophrenia, including their daily struggles, personal insights and ways to reduce the mental health recovery process. Hear hear interesting stories about the strong influence of the love and support that go the importance of acceptance and treatment, and their emotional journey to recovery process. Living with Schizophrenia delivers a message of hope to the people with schizophrenia and the loved ones who care for for them.

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