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Acid reflux can kill certain cancer cells A University of Central Florida chemist has think of a unique way to kill certain tumor cells – provide them with acid reflux disorder. Chemistry professor Kevin Belfield utilized a special salt to create cancer cells more acidic – like the way greasy foods trigger acid reflux in a few people generic levitra . He used a light-activated, acid-generating molecule to make the cells even more acidic when exposed to specific wavelengths of light, which kills the poor cells. The surrounding healthy cells stay intact. The technique is a simple way around a nagging problem which has frustrated researchers for years.

Acetylon receives two grants under QTDP plan to advance HDAC6 inhibitor drug candidate Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Today announced that it’s been awarded two grants totaling $488,000 beneath the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Task system. The grants were awarded by the Internal Revenue Service and National Institutes of Wellness to reimburse a portion of research and advancement expense by Acetylon in two of its pharmaceutical advancement programs targeted for the treating cancers and inflammatory illnesses. Acetylon plans to use the grant funding to aid the initiation of clinical trials of its histone deacetylase-6 inhibitor lead drug candidate for patients with multiple myeloma and to complete the preclinical development of another HDAC6 inhibitor for inflammatory autoimmune diseases.