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Cohen acknowledges that dissecting a complex genetic trait in humans is far more difficult due to the sheer number of SNPs in the human genome. But his research suggests that scientists need a better understanding of genetic interactions so that information in the human genome to predict one day exactly what diseases an individual is susceptible to a list of drugs that are most effective for the individual. In other words, a new era of personalized medicine.

This disappointment has led geneticist Barak Cohen, out from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Out that scientists need to interact to get a better handle on the ways genes to gain influence disease risks. – For diseases that are major health problems, many different genetic variants combine to affect an individual’s risk, says Cohen. The problem is that we, as scientists in predicting how these variations to determine whether a person is really lousy, to disease disease or respond to a particular drug interaction to – This reality raises the question: Is it possible to tease apart a complex genetic trait, the precise genetic variations which are combined it it?. Have disclose Cohen and his group report in the 23 January issue of Science If the research can be replicated, it suggests that scientists need better statistical models and other tools to understand genetic interactions.

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