In the capital Dhaka and other urban centers.

In the capital Dhaka and other urban centers, the sewerage is zusammengebrochen.5 million people have taken refuge in shelters. Almost 60 percent of them are children, the most vulnerable to life-threatening water-borne diseases.

Ensure hygiene and a clean water supply to shelters is also a priority.. During the upheaval of this natural disaster, children, especially girls, are at greater risk of exploitation and trafficking.In this appeal UNICEF has already distributed – 25 – 10,000ravenous fluid bags – 2 million water purification tablets – 26 tons of oral rehydration salt – 100 tonnes of blended food – 10,000 canisters v – 200 new hand pumpsThe necessary resources are allocated as follows: – Health and Nutrition: $ 5,000 – Water and Environmental Sanitation: 5,000 – Education: 1000 – Child Protection: 500,000 – program Support: 500,000 – cost Recovery: 1,000Total: $ 13,000For more information, please contact:Naseem Ur – Rehman, UNICEF Bangladesh, 880 171 595 045Oliver Phillips, UNICEF New York, 212 326 7583Kate Donovan, UNICEF New York, 212 326 7452for nearly 60 years UNICEF has been the world leader for survive, working on the ground in 158 countries to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence.Do I prevent family history on food allergies. Do I prevent food allergy in My Child?

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