In the Sandy Lake First Nation community in Ontario.

In the Sandy Lake First Nation community in Ontario , 492 residents were involved in a 10 year study. The results showed that in this period of ten years, the rate of incidence of diabetes 17.5 %. This ratio increased with age, 5 % in the 10 to 19 age group, 43.3 % of the 40 to 49 year olds. ,, University of Toronto and his team write: The metabolic syndrome is not a diagnostic tool, the syndrome and its components may be used to a higher risk of developing diabetes in remote Aboriginal communities where the 2 hour communicate oral glucose tolerance test to determine impaired glucose tolerance is easily accessible. Easily accessible. The researchers also pointed out that the use of intervention strategies could to prevent or delay of diabetes in people the syndrome the syndrome help..

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The metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors linked to diabetes and heart disease, including obesity, high glucose, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is a three to five times more likely to have Aboriginal Canadians with type 2 diabetes compared to non-native Canadians develop.Dr Love name Dr. Love to Board[ Health and Beauty Close – Up]’We are pleased to welcomed Ted to our Board of Director to be Jack Lief, chairman of the for ADVENTRX the Board of Directors. ‘His extensive leadership and management experience, are linked with his know how in all aspects of the drug development and Regulatory Affair very valuable. ADVENTRX be at this crucial stage to developing the company by its lead product candidate ‘.

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