Making it even harder to diagnose this potentially deadly disease.

Weight Loss Loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss are common symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer also. Unfortunately, appetite reduction and decreased weight are symptoms connected with several other illnesses and ailments also, including digestive issues. Painful or Painless Jaundice Since pancreatic tumor can block the bile duct – which flows partly through the top of the pancreas – jaundice is a frequent indicator of the disease. Tumors that develop on the pancreas are usually the main of jaundice development, which is characterized by a yellowing of the skin.Congress has some responsibility to greatly help strengthen state mental healthcare systems. Government mental health block grants have been frozen or reduced over the past 10 years. Estimate of kids with severe mental health conditions by state; 10 % of children aged 10-17.

After polluting a big river with toxic heavy metals, EPA says ‘climate change’ is what’s affecting ‘kids and communities’ Just one single week after workers from her agency ‘accidentally’ released around three million gallons of weighty metal-laden sludge down the Animas River in Colorado, sending arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead into normal water supplies that serve thousands of people throughout the Southwest, Environmental Protection Company Administrator Gina McCarthy had the gall to stand before a Washington, D.C., think tank and declare that the largest threat to our kids and communities is ‘environment switch.’ McCarthy gushed on and on during her rant about how exactly ‘everything and everyone we love’ is being affected by climate modification, and that it is ‘one of the most important conditions that we face.’ On the other hand, a massive, sickly, yellow-tinged plume of industrial waste from Colorado’s Gold King Mine near Silverton continues to weave its method throughout Utah, New Mexico, California and Arizona, the direct result of EPA contract employees who allegedly released the toxic flow by mistake.