MedImmune has also continued to development of its first live.

MedImmune has also continued to development of its first live, attenuated intranasal vaccine RSV/PIV-3 to promote MEDI – 534th The company has recently began enrolling healthy RSV and PIV-3 sero-positive children between the ages of 1 and 9 years. Currently in a Phase 1 clinical trial This study is a double blind, placebo-controlled, dose – escalation study to assess the safety and tolerability of a single dose of vaccine. Children in the study will be randomized to-one, one-to MEDI-534 or placebo. In previous clinical trial with MEDI-534 , MedImmune, the candidate vaccine was evaluated in healthy adults and found that have an acceptable safety profile..

Using a reverse genetics technology by Dr. Collins, the researchers developed initially on the development of safe and effective vaccines for pediatric populations concentrate. A second goal is to , one-to multiple vaccines for other groups at risk for developing RSV disease, including the elderly. NIAID is expected initiate a Phase 1 trial of a PIV-3 vaccine candidate later this year.

Vaccine-related adverse reactions from clinical trials were observed at a frequency of at least 1.0 % among recipients of GARDASIL and also greater than among recipients of placebo, were pain , swelling , erythema , fever , nausea , pruritus and dizziness .. Under the leadership of co-Chief Brian Murphy, NIAID Laboratory of Infectious Diseases has a long-standing interest in developing intranasal vaccines for children had respiratory viruses.Wyatt has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Nursing Science by UAMS Monday received Wyatt that AWHONN Novice Researcher Award about in their study on the use of telemedicine. Supporting.

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