Our initial studies focused on acute pain.

Pain – in all its formsThe LMAM lab has worked with the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Morges hospital Buchser heads, for ten years. ‘Our initial studies focused on acute pain, and then we moved into the other known persistent, nagging ailments such as chronic pain. However, we have had very little objective information. On the intensity this type of pain ‘.

‘But we are just starting to collect data. ‘.. The tests showed that the following areas ATP count of 300 or more has:71 percent of gas pump handles, 68 percent of mailbox handles, 43 percent of escalator rails, 41 percent of ATM buttons, 40 percent of parking meters and kiosks, 35 percent of crosswalk buttons, and 35 percent of the machine keys. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona that these tests show how important it is, hands and surfaces should be kept clean: People do not know how many germs they face, as they go to work every day and and touch things like gas pump handles and escalator rails... SonoSite fourth-generation product line provides an exponential increase in computational power for the highest image quality at all types of study at the point in patient care to a robust, easy-to-use style. The battery pack was developed to supporting SonoSite for uncompromised performance, instantaneous boot-up from a cold start and extended sessions of the use in a light unit of. And of date rechargeable battery technology for a portable power solution is SonoSite be used supporting industry-leading systems, said Jeff VanZwol, Marketing Director of micropower. We are proud our longstanding relationship with SonoSite, how the company creates and is carrying said handheld ultrasound equipment markets.

Micro Power, the global leader in transferable propulsion systems mission-critical equipment, announced that they designed and made new, customized Li -Ion battery specifically designed for SonoSite, latest point – of-care ultrasonic systems, which done M-Turbo by hand and S Series An ultrasonic Toolbox.