Paragon CR made gently and safely the cornea.

Paragon CR is the only therapeutic contact lenses for overnight contact lens corneal reshaping FDA approval. Paragon CR made gently and safely the cornea.

Paragon CR contact lenses temporarily reshaping the cornea to correct nearsightedness with or without moderate astigmatism during sleep, allowing users clearly without clearly without lenses for their waking hours. When a patient selects discontinue wearing the lenses will return the cornea to its original shape. Corneal power Therapy with Paragon CR enables adjustments for normal changes in vision Not only is the with age. Not only is the therapy is a non – invasive alternative to laser – corrective surgery, there are no age restrictions and it is reversible.Bailey is even a born Manchester, in Appalachia of the Eastern Kentucky so it appreciates challenges facing of her patients face. – ‘We have high installments smoking, and where adults smoke their kids to the harmful side effects out of to second hand smoke and more considered adult subjected smoking themselves,’said Bailey. ‘Kentucky also has high rates of diabetes, obesity and blood pressure and a few of the lowest rates of physical exercise in the nation. History access to medical treatment part of the country parts of the country, such that when people are coming for the treatment of many to present with advanced artery disease heart disease We cooperate also with high poverty and low educational level struggling factors in that lane with heart disease, depression and anxiety, Copyrights to heart disease here here too ‘..

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