President and CEO of MicroVention said the HycroCoil technology.

Mike Little, President and CEO of MicroVention said the HycroCoil technology, which is a microporous expandable hydrogel, is a permanent solution for endovascular occlusion of aneurysms will be HydroCoil combines the features of greater space filling, cellular organization and mechanical. Stability with the delivery and handling characteristics of a detachable platinum coil.

Durability This further demonstrates our belief that HydroCoil prove to be a superior treatment option. The HELPS trial enrollment completion represents a major milestone in the treatment of circulatory disorders in the brain, Small added, published in the evaluation of these data together with the many , and data on HydroCoil, we trust the results further, the consistency of already reached in these studies. A significant improvement in post-treatment and relapse rates .

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