Published in The Guardian.

Ernst’s report failed to mention that the largest and most highly trained segment of acupuncturists, licensed acupuncturists, have extensive schooling to include competency assessment in universal precautions and clean needle technique before obtaining their nationwide qualification and licensure to apply acupuncture. As a result of this extensive training and education, not a single loss of life provides been reported to derive from acupuncture in america. Over the past 40 years, high specifications of training, certification, and practice have already been established within the American acupuncture and oriental medical occupation.According to Immunobiologist Ruslan Medzhitov of Yale University and his co-workers within their perspective paper published in today’s issue of Nature, there are several issues with this view of isolating the two types of immunity. First and foremost, most allergens don’t have any kind of obvious relationship with parasitic worms actually. Second, the type 2 immunity, manifested as anaphylaxis, occurs extremely rapidly, even though there is no need for such a speedy response to the slowly multiplying parasites. And lastly, allergic hypersensitivity can develop against a wide variety of allergens that have little in common in terms of their structure or origin: pollen, shellfish, peanuts, bee venom, latex, nickel and penicillin. According to Medzhitov the type 2 immunity actually developed against a broader variety of stimuli, including venoms, natural toxins and irritants.