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ADDF, Pfizer’s CTI collaborate to advance development of new medicines for Alzheimer’s disease The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation and Pfizer's Centers for Therapeutic Innovation announced today a collaboration made to advance the advancement of new small-molecule medicines for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Within the first-of-its kind collaboration in Alzheimer's, the ADDF and CTI will jointly invest in translational research projects, with a concentrate on novel Alzheimer's medication targets. The cross-sector alliance is made to enable project groups, made up of Pfizer scientists and select academic experts, to translate novel scientific analysis into effective therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease levitra 10 mg .

‘Although there’s been significant improvement in employment rates, place of work and retention accommodations for folks with disabilities since 1990, there is still large disparities between Americans with disabilities and without, as evidenced by the work rates of 17.6 % and 64 %, respectively,’ said Frieden. ‘The study underscores the need for aggressive action to implement those provisions of the ADA requiring equivalent opportunity in employment, access to healthcare, available alternatives and housing to institutionalization.’.. ADA celebrates 25 years of changing lives Hailed as the Bill of Rights for folks with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Action of 1990 offers fulfilled much of its promise because it went into impact 25 years ago, according to a survey of disability leaders, on July 23 in Washington released, D.C.