Said researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Middle.

The study was section of the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial and included more than 72,000 women aged 55 to 74. The PLCO results coincide with a British study published March 10 online in The Lancet Oncology that found combo screening for ovarian cancer was extremely successful in finding early stage cancers. But that still doesn’t mean the displays led to a reduction in the ovarian tumor death count, reported the British research authors from the University University London. Ovarian malignancy ranks as the fifth leading cause of female cancer death, and it is diagnosed primarily in women aged 55 and older.Catherine Hanssens of the New York City-based Middle for HIV Law and Policy said that names-structured reporting ‘can affect if people come back for care’ and ‘how they describe to other folks their experience of getting tested.’ According to the AP/Journal Register, some physicians are telling HIV-positive visitors to use false brands, but health officials say it really is impossible to regulate how many patients and physicians aren’t reporting their names. Wellness officials also say it will be difficult to determine whether any decline in HIV cases can be connected to names-based reporting.