Sanjeev Arora.

This result is consistent with a substantial difference in the outcome of care between the ECHO sites and the UNM HCV clinic. The scholarly study had not been large enough to determine equivalence. The results of this study show that the ECHO model is an efficient way to treat HCV infection in rural and underserved communities. By implementing this model, other states and nations could treat many more patients infected with HCV than are receiving treatment, thereby reducing the tremendous burden of disease and associated mortality. There are a true number of potential explanations for the success of the ECHO model.CQ HealthBeat: Hospitals Gain: No Mandatory Antitrust Review For Big ACOs Government antitrust officials clearly paid attention to the problems of hospitals in shaping your final policy declaration on accountable care organizations that was released on Thursday. Hospitals, which will be the dominant players in most ACOs, acquired expressed main concerns in feedback to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission in regards to a proposal to need a mandatory antitrust review for the biggest ACOs before they could become part of the Medicare plan. That might be expensive and burdensome, medical center officials said .