Source: ReVision Optics.

Source: ReVision Optics,the chromosome.targets for melanoma therapiesTo see if one of the duplicated genes they found melanoma accelerated in zebrafish created Craig Ceol and Yariv Houvras, postdoctoral researchers in Zon lab, a handy genetic vehicle that MiniCoopR that 17 people performed Gene one – by-one in melanoma-prone zebrafish. The brute force to analyze more than 2,100 tumors in 3,000 – plus fish, the researchers found just one gene that accelerated melanoma. By screening 100 human melanoma cell lines, the team found that SETDB1 was upregulated in 70 % of the tumors.

By the drug.. In the second paper, Zon and 19 coauthors, including HHMI investigator Sean Morrison at the University of Michigan, examined the embryos of zebrafish, which have been genetically modified that vulnerable. To develop melanoma, the embryos appeared normal, but by analyzing their gene expression discovered Richard White, a postdoctoral researcher in Zon laboratory, a set of genes, 127 are in melanoma MIS expressed and which fish will get melanoma predict.

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