The Australian Journal of Rural Health is a multidisciplinary journal.

The Australian Journal of Rural Health is a multidisciplinary journal, since its foundation since its founding year in 1993, the accumulation of knowledge about rural health in Australia has contributed. 1st is intended to establish a national and international reputation for the quality of their academic discourse and value to rural health care.

In his editorial about the cost of change in the country ‘, chairman of beyondblue: the national depression initiative – Jeff Kennett – said: Australia is very generous and good to natural disasters abroad , such as the recent tsunami, but also for are less able are less able and less willing to help within our own community who need assistance .

While the Prime Minister’s announcement of a $ 1900000000 from the Commonwealth over the next five years is good news, the rural and remote rural and remote area that it gets a fair share of this allotment and it is put to best use.

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