The good news that on most types of cancer.

The study focuses on the development specific strategies for overweight patients with the most aggressive cancers. For example, the identification of the signals from the adipocytes supplied to stimulate the invasive properties of tumor cells represent a new line for the treatment of these patients.

Apart from storing / releasing fats, these cells are capable of secreting numerous proteins. The researchers therefore attempted to find out whether of breast cancer. Role in the development of breast cancer. To do this, the team of Philippe Valet at the Institut des Maladies routed M taboliques et Cardiovasculaires and Catherine Muller at the Institute for Pharmacology and de Biologie structurale used an original co – culture system between mammary tumor cells and adipocytes. In the presence of tumor cells have a modification the adipocytes in the secretion of some of its proteins, including inflammatory proteins such as interleukin – 6 .‘the good news that on most types of cancer, ‘Albain says, ‘If you have a treatment of treatment, Its viability is the same regardless on race has but not the case for breast, ovaries and prostate. ‘.

On a 21 percent higher risk of for those with prostate cancer to a 61 percent greater risk for ovarian cancer patients This study, which treating and socioeconomic factors as a cause of this higher mortality implying biology, says study co-author Dawn L. Hershman, by Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. – There may be differences in genetic factors that through race which alter the metabolism of chemotherapy agents or to at of cancer more resistant or of aggressive, she adds..