The incorrect storage of fat in muscle cells interferes with the signal from the insulin.

Details such as these are formed and how they grow. Enabled us enabled us to show how SNAP23 insulin signal is disrupted, ‘says Professor Sven Olof Olofsson, Director of the Wallenberg Laboratory at the Sahlgrenska Academy. – the research project more advanced microscopy techniques, in the fat droplets cultivated to study muscle It became clear that the lipid droplets to each other within the cell by a process that fused a protein as ‘SNAP23 ‘known involved This protein has a different, independent function. That of the existence of the insulin signal into the cell..

The research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, shows a similar or even greater boost in physical strength for dastardly deeds. – Researcher Kurt Gray, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard, explains these effects as a self-fulfilling prophecy in morality.Scientific committee that obtains first pandemic influenza vaccines apply.

The European Medicines Agency receive the first application of of a pandemic influenza vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline lodged. – The application uses to ‘ core pandemic dossier ‘ approach, new European approach which the evaluation and the authorization of an application to a ‘mock-up ‘vaccine before a pandemic basis enables Once the actual strain of virus was the date. Of the outbreak to the pandemic influenza, a variation of onto the core documents submitted to this tribe has been identified to take.

2 Guidelines on the core pandemic dossier may be be found here: and