The new study suggests a mechanism for the specificity of this immune regulation.

The new study suggests a mechanism for the specificity of this immune regulation.The researchers say it may explain why the same peptides on pancreatic B-cells, Activate T cells in people with type 1 diabetes and healthy people cause an autoimmune reaction in people presenting with diabetes.

Scientists have tried to find more than a quarter of a century, an event or environmental agents, the immune-mediated destruction of insulin – producing beta cells of of the pancreas redeemed.‘.. Doctors do not know well why vagus nerve is therapeutic work, however Dr. Say their new research are some clues.

He felt unexpected action on prefrontal cortex of brain Psychiatry at illustrative purposes in depressed patients in depressed patients immediate following its received ECT and front of the effect of diminishes. No one knows precisely how vagus nerve stimulation works suggested This suggests that a road where it works may in parallel with ECT, ‘said Conway. ‘ECT is considered the best therapeutic of treatment-resistant depressive episode might have, but unfortunately, not to date to date data shows that one-third of depressed patients is resistant a treatment that are on vagus nervous simulation and those which react remain good.

The good news however, seems seems to be that remain those who profit from the treatment better.

The existing evidence indicates that about 70 % of the patients, a better off vagus nerve after a year better to stay for two years, Conway said. this is unheard of in a depressed population this difficult and proposes to the brain changes these treatment this treatment seem durable. .