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Due to the high costs and the long process of conducting chemical tests only a small fraction of the thousands of available chemicals for potential risk to human health have examined EPA is with his. ToxCast screening tool for efficiently understand how chemicals can affect processes in the human body, which could lead to health problems ToxCast currently includes 500 automated chemical screening tests over 300 more than 300 chemicals in the environment.

ThemedsWest Lafayette, IN – A Purdue Research Park startup company is ready to a new drug delivery technology that makes it easier to take for people to medications in pill form marketing.

Researchers develop Akina Inc. Purdue University – licensed technologies that improve the way prescription drugs, over-the – counter medications and even vitamins are administered orally. The latest technology venture, called Frosta includes tablet formulations in a patient’s mouth to melt as fast as 10 seconds, – much faster than existing commercial products, tablet press machines.New research that been concentrated on the composition and timing of the weft style in the the September – October edition of the Operations Research from Pittsburg Swanson School of Engineering members of the faculty Oleg Prokopyev, an assistant professor publish and Professor Andrew Schaefer, both in of Department of Institutional Engineering, and her coauthors Osman Ozaltin and Mark Roberts, professor and chair in the Pittsburg Department of Health and Policy and Management. Ozaltin who now has an assistant professor of engineering at University of Waterloo in Ontario, its research to the study as a graduate student in Pitt Swanson School, he made his PhD in Industrial Engineering Pittsburgh earlier this year.

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