The prototype of the new vegetarian schnitzel factory is currently located in the IVV lab.

The team is currently capable of 60 to 70 liters of blood per hour spare – or 300 to 500 kg per day. Consistency and texture are already outstanding, Wild guaranteed. It is still some work By the end on the taste. By the end of the project in one year, should substitute the meat from the country to be just as good as a real steak and it should be right out of the machine, ready-to-eat. The experts will product product at the Anuga FoodTec exhibition of 27 March to 30 March in Cologne.. The prototype of the new vegetarian schnitzel factory is currently located in the IVV lab. The system is not greater than two table tennis tables.

When the temperature decreases, the protein molecules begin to form into chains. This leads to a fibrous structure, which those those of meat.

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