The researchers also found that UEI situation.

The researchers also found that UEI situation, disease course. Fibrotic and unaffected intestine in a pilot study in humans. Patients who underwent surgery for the already planned UEI assessment prior to surgery, and fibrotic strictures were identified in each case.

If UEI is able to accurately assess a patient’s condition, doctors will be able to more efficiently treat patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, inflammation or fibrosis. ‘UEI has a great potential to provide a clear measurement that helps clinicians judge whether medical or surgical treatment is best for each individual patient to offer earlier in their disease course. ‘Stidham says.

Ultrasound Elastography or UEI could allow doctors to noninvasively distinguish between inflammation and fibrosis, so that patients receive more appropriate and timely treatment. In the September in the September issue of Gastroenterology.. Stidham says the next step in the research group is a long-term human clinical trial, beginning this winter.This new method a faster, cheaper route mutate DNA, costs $ 200 to every mouse having a mutated Gen and another DNA sequence at to create, even though the savings are inappropriate as longer mutant mice have get cultured desired mutants, he say.

The negative aspect has, it takes a Currency money. has is a cheap way of tapping a gene as well as regulatory sequences. Some 300,000 Capecchi says there now costs about $ deflected 10,000 to genetic manipulation mouse with a particular gene or other DNA sequence Thus, with of existing technology to knock out to estimated 20,000 your mouse gene $ 200,000 $ 200,000, and knocking out the around 300,000. Do not – gene DNA sequences in mice would it cost $ 3000000000, he adds.

Simple, fast mutations in the Whole Mouse Genomeexisting gene with -targeting method of erasing large segments of DNA be time consuming and expensive, the scientists researchers take plurality of manipulation at embryonic mouse stem cells , which mean those want to will need less likely to mouse of the desired stretch of DNA to yield with disabilities such Capecchi..