The Washington Post reports what is antibiotics used for.

FDA had to enable 2004 rejection of Barr Pharmaceuticals applying nonprescription sales of the emergency contraceptive Plan B is an atypical decision with uncharacteristic involvement from leading made agency officials and could have been decided several months before the official announcement, according to a a draft report the Government Accountability Office released Wednesday some Congressional staff, the Washington Post reports , the decision to refuse the application on his own and not follow the recommendations of its staff what is antibiotics used for . However, the GAO report found that. ‘s Decision involved involved other top agency officials and months before the official announcement, the Post reported says that says that has such unusual high-level participation are the perceived the perceived sensitivity of the matter, the Post reports. Critics of the decision to give. To political pressure from conservatives, who accused the application in contrast, according to the Post The draft report, which was requested by Congress in the the summer of 2004, will be completed and released to the public by the end the month (Washington Post.

Anotheres-Dispatch Examines Virginia Teen difficulties in obtaining GYN appointment Because Medicaid coverageThe Richmond Times-Dispatch on Monday examined a Virginia teen difficulty in obtaining an appointment with a gynecologist, allegedly because of their Medicaid. Beverly Mayo says she tries to find a gynecologist for her 16 year old daughter, Shelea Mayo from the list of providers that their. Of the Medicaid HMO that she and her daughter, who is not pregnant covering However, Beverly said that all operators called , she said that she. No new Medicaid patients who were not pregnant Beverly says that she was finally able an appointment with a an appointment with a nurse. The Times-Dispatch called some of the vendors named by Beverly and found that one of the practices that Beverly told that it was full services offered to provide another girl from another part of town. Another provider said it would accept it Shelea if they were pregnant, but otherwise it was not under new Medicaid patients, the Times-Dispatch reports. A Virginia state Medicaid official said that this problem ‘is not particularly Medicaid,’adding: ‘This is done in private pay instances as well. ‘that that the mother should be called an ‘out-of-network’provider can be found. A spokesperson for the Medical Society of Virginia said they were not aware accept accept of problems with obstetricians and gynecologists in the state Medicaid patients. Maternal and Child Health Policy Research Center Co – Director Margaret McManus said that the Mayo case could be an isolated event and not indicative of a bigger problem. She added that a major problem with reproductive health services is often the transition from pediatric to adult care because pediatric practices aside deliver still not time for young people could gynecological care (Smith, Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Continuing research of the University of Pennsylvania showed that raised in the cell culture studies of A549 the human NSCLC cells of, onconase which radiant Reply by induction inhibition of the O2 consumption in tumor cell. The incidence of apoptosis has been increased by Onconase and was dependent on Onconase dosage and duration of exposure. Additionally, in Pet , Onconase significantly increased radiation-induced tumor growth delay A549 of human NSCLC tumors. Other findings from of research revealed that onconase could also be a good candidate for the treatment to gefitinib resistant NSCLC be. Late stage clinical study proposes significant potential clinical uses of onconase for in NSCLC cancer patient,’said Intae Lee, on University of Pennsylvania. Kuslima Shogen, Alfacell Chairman and CEO Officer, added: ‘This research further support our efforts, the application of onconase in therapeutic areas that may benefit all cancer patients should continue to expand. ‘.